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If you don’t love yourself, you’ll always be chasing people who don’t love you.

(via heart)

"My phone it rings, it’s 2 am.
No need to guess, it’s him again.
Minutes later i’m at his door.
He’s in his boxers, nothing more.
I smell the liquor on his breath,
But I don’t care so I undress.
I look at him like lovers do.
He looks at me but sees right through.
My fingertips brush over his chest.
He kisses me gently. You know the rest.
An hour later we’re closing our eyes,
His arms are around me I whisper, “goodnight”.
The passion that’s there when our clothes are missing
Vanishes the moment we stop kissing.
I rise with the sun and slip on my shirt,
And though I leave quickly, I can’t outrun the hurt.
I know that i’m lying when I say, “never again”.
Next weekend i’ll end up back in his bed.
He doesn’t want me, he just wants what I give him.
But I guess that’s better than not wanting at all."

Drugs Aren’t Only Substances, But Occasions Too. 



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